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Tree Trimmer

Have you taken great pride every year in keeping your trees trimmed and beautiful much to the envy of your neighbors, but a recent shoulder injury has kept you from being able to trim your trees properly this year and you're desperate to hire someone to come and do the job so that you can keep your trees up to snuff this season so that your neighbors won't sneer? Look no further than Smith's Tree Service in Decatur. We offer a wide range of landscaping and tree trimming services to all of Decatur and surrounding areas. We have a trained and efficient tree trimmer on staff, so whether it’s to keep your trees in good condition or keep them from overpowering power lines, we’ve got the service you need to keep your lawn looking fabulous.

Has your hedgerow gotten a bit out of hand on the front of your house, and you do so love to keep your hedgerow under good care, but you’ve not got the time this season as many deadlines at work press for your time and you’ve got a family and a newborn baby that occupies quite a lot of your time so you’re looking for a company that can come in and trim up your hedges so that they look stately again, but who in Decatur could do such a service? We’ve got the tree trimmer you’re looking for in Decatur here at Smith's Tree Service. We are your number tree service in the area offering a wide range of services including stump grinding and removal, crane service, storm damage cleanup, emergency tree service, tree topping, tree removal, tree trimmer, and landscaping. We are your one stop shop for all things trees and we’re happy to be of service. We have 24 hour a day and seven day a week emergency service so call us now to get an estimate for your next project.

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