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Tree Removal

Most homeowners enjoy the presence of beautiful trees in their yards; however, when these trees must be removed, unsightly stumps remain. The following methods that can be used to remove them.


Grubbing is the quickest, but the most difficult, stump removal method. Grubbing is the process of pulling or digging out the whole stump. Stumps from trees smaller than 14 inches in diameter are often not too difficult to remove with this method, but stumps from trees larger or trees with large tap roots such as hickory and pine may be very difficult to remove.

Chemical Removers

There is no miracle chemical on the market that dissolves a stump overnight. Some of the more common chemicals offered are potassium nitrate or saltpeter, sulphuric acid and nitric acid. However, the majority of these chemicals are ineffective.

Stump Grinders

Another popular method to remove stumps is by using stump grinders. This process works by using a machine that mechanically grinds the stumps to below the soil line. The process takes only a few minutes but may be expensive. This process leaves a conspicuous hole you can fill with topsoil.

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