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Did you take great pride in your landscaping at the previous house, but you and your partner have just moved and the landscaping at this new property is just atrocious, absolutely without a doubt atrocious, not only is it overgrown, but the peonies don't go with the hydrangeas and the plant life is overgrown with massive, tree root like roots buried so deep into the ground you could imagine finding their origin to prevent them from coming back, and you’ve been trying to clean this up, but you’ve had enough. Weekend after weekend you come grumbling back into the house angry at your lawn, and since you’re about to become very busy, you think it’s time to hire a landscaper to sort out the heavy work for you and you can continue to maintain the beautiful landscaping they put in, because working in the yard has gone beyond fun, now, it’s a chore, and you don’t like that? We are happy to help here at Smith's Tree Service. We are your number one landscaper in Carrollton, and we’re here to help. When  you’ve got  a landscaping problem or just need a change, we’re the team to call. We here at Smith's Tree Service have been a longstanding service to the community of Carrollton and surrounding areas with our landscaping services, tree removal and trimmer, stump grinding and removal, storm damage aftercare, crane service, tree topping, and emergency tree services, so whenever you need something done about your trees or landscaping we’re the team to call. We have served many satisfied customers in our history and we’re happy to service more. Our crew is friendly and well-trained. We have 24 hour a day and seven day a week emergency service so give us a call anytime to discuss your next project and we can give you an estimate.

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